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Videos are a favorite pastime in the US. As reported in Digiday’s stat round-up from 2013, “89 million people in the United States will watch 1.2 billion online videos today.” These numbers are expected to grow each year.  Furthermore, billions of videos in the Cyberworld are created by none other than the hobbyists who watch them.

Videos are also today’s jackpot marketing tool. According to, 93 percent of marketers used video as part of their online strategy in 2013.

You can take advantage of the value of videos as well. To make sure you are not hurting your brand, the trick is to be sure that your video is of top quality in terms of production  and framing.. The more professional your video, the more your customers will trust you.

If your budget can’t cover professional video-making, you’ll just have to work with  the resources already on hand. With a few basic framing tricks, you can create an effective video with the camera you own.

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These three techniques  are a must when shooting a professional video.

1. Use  Close-up Framing

When establishing an in-person connection, do you do it from across the room or up-close ? If you want to gain trust, eye contact is necessary. Establishing it from across the room is pretty difficult, however.

The same is true for video creation. Let your viewer look directly into your face; your eyes are the windows to your soul after all. In order to achieve that up-close and personal feel, shoot your video using a close frame. Using a medium frame is acceptable as well, but if you want to appear likable and relatable, a close-up is best.

2. Shoot at Eye-level

Since videos play upon the viewers’ psychology, little details like your camera angle are important; they determine how you are perceived. Shooting at the right angle is often tricky. If you shoot down from too high above the eye-line, you  risk looking insignificant to your viewer.

If you aim below eye-level, you assume an air of authority but you risk causing the viewer to look right up your nose.

To avoid looking unimportant or as if you’re a snob, place yourself as your viewers’ equal. Again, let them look into your eyes. Shoot your video at an eye-level angle, especially if you are a novice videomaker. With that said, this article 8 Rookie Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Video explains how difficult it could be to maintain this angle. Take my advice and use a tripod. This will keep your camera steady.

3. Eliminate Busy Backgrounds

When you watch a video featuring a busy background, what draws your attention most? The background does, of course.  A busy background can detract from the main focus of your video – you. Set up your shot against a plain background. A solid color or a simple pattern  are both safe visual backdrops. Avoid filming against walls covered in paintings or certificates, especially if they have reflective glass surfaces.

If you’re filming outdoors where you lack control over your background, use a DSLR camera or semi-professional video camera and set up your lighting to reflect a shallow Depth of Field, which basically translates into a narrow focus captured by the camera lens. (Though a shallow DOF is ideal, it is nearly impossible using smart phones or handheld mid-grade cameras, so the plain background is your best bet.)

Whether it’s a smart phone, a basic digital camera or something a bit more expensive, any piece of modern equipment can handle the creation of a quality video.  With a bit of practice using these three basic techniques, you, too can produce videos that command attention.
[callout]Download your full-sized 5 Keys to Look Great On Video With Any Camera Infographic here.[/callout]

Photo Source: courtesy of © Depositphotos/andrei111

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