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The biggest challenge with video creation is how to create something powerful that will engage an audience. Below is a unique 5 step checklist process that will guide your creative genius to create powerful video that will give you the results you are looking for.

The Wisdomography® P.R.I.S.M. of successful video development consists of five individual steps. Each of these steps can be further sub-divided into two realms of representation – the internal and the external process of creation.

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The “inner game” of creative video development serves as a tool for the development level that helps to clarify the message you want to focus on with your video. The external steps of the video development process serve as a tool for developing your communication into a powerful video framework that sets you apart in the marketplace and accelerates the acceptance of your message.

As a technology, it transforms that message into a meaningful Signature System that produces profits for you and for your clients. The internal steps of the Wisdomography® P.R.I.S.M. are broken down into the following internal components:

  1. Purpose: Why are we attempting to communicate this particular message? What is our ultimate outcome? What difference will it make in our lives?
  2. Resistance: What perceived obstacles prevent or oppose our presenting the message? What stands in our way? What internal blockages keep us from doing what we know we need to do in order to succeed with spreading our message successfully? What disempowering belief do we have about promotion, marketing, packaging, money and people that might stand in the way of our ultimate success?
  3. Influence: What psychological triggers, anchors, or associations positively or negatively impact our behavior when we think about presenting our message? Are we uncomfortable speaking in front of people? Do we have confidence or do we fake it? Is the message thaWisdomography® PRISM™ infographict we’re presenting in words congruent with the message we’re presenting visually?
  4. Systems: What mechanical structures can we put into place that will ensure the consistent, reliable, and dependable creation and/or presentation of our own message? What hurdles do we need to clear in order to do this in a way that’s efficient, effective and serves our greater purpose and mission?
  5. Money: What are the internal associations that either attract or repel money to us? Do we have beliefs that prevent us from making as much money as we’re capable of? Do we have beliefs that cause us to be in a constant state of financial distress, debt, and desperation? How can we change those internal associations?

That’s the inner game.

What about the outer game, the game that we play with the world? The External steps or outer game are as follows:

  1. Purpose: What is the most desired result or outcome of your communication? What do you want people to do as a result of having received your communication?
  2. Resistance: What are the possible objections or points of resistance on the part of the people we’re communicating to? What would stop them from accepting or believing our message? What would stop them from acting on it?
  3. Influence: How may we frame our content so that the people we’re communicating with are most likely to consume it, understand it and act in accordance with our wishes? How can we communicate powerfully in a way that not only informs, but encourages people to action?
  4. Systems: How can we establish structures that support us in producing high quality videos consistently? What video structures are necessary to enhance our brands rather than destroy them? How do we make sure our videos get noticed?
  5. Money: How can we present our message in a way that communicates its value so that people are willing to exchange their money for our message?

Once you have worked through both the internal and external steps, you can get your video message across to the audience in a powerful, clear way that sets you apart from others, but also achieves the results you want for your business. For more info on this visit: Wisdomography®

[callout]Download your full-sized Wisdomography® PRISM™ Infographic here.[/callout]

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