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My name is Debz Collins, #1 Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker.

I’m a Marketing Strategist specializing in Video Communications, Webinars and Live Streaming.

For the past 2 decades, I’ve had the privilege of coordinating and supporting the the complex video and multimedia production needs for top speakers and trainers in the world including Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Joseph McClendon III, Keith Cunningham, and more.

Big Guy - Debz 300 For over 17 years I have provided multimedia, photography, video production and video editing for Tony Robbins’ live events serving 100-12,000+ participants in more than 140 events on five continents around the world.

And after more than 20 years of creating visual magic as a video and multimedia professional for these top internationally known personal development experts, I am stepping out from behind the camera to share my authority-making secrets with you.

I am passionate about helping experts, authors, and speakers become influential thought leaders by sharing proven, effective strategies for establishing your media authority as quickly as possible and increasing your perceived value to your target audience.

I am the the #1 best-selling author of From Lackluster To Blockbuster which debuted as the #1 Amazon Advertising Book. In this book I  share with you the insights I have developed over the last two decades to help your business generate more money! Follow the links in the book to a special cache of resources.

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I am also a co-author of the best-selling book, “So What Do You Do: Discovering the Genius Next Door with One Simple Question” available on


Find out what drives me to help people like you. Check it out!

At whatever level I can contribute to your success, I’m here to help with your challenges and celebrate your victories. Let’s take your videos from lackluster to blockbuster!

Til Next Time…


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