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Your audience has a lot of information fighting for their attention every time they turn on the TV, computer, check their smart phones, or leave their house.

How is your video supposed to compete?

You need to make your video something that your audience seeks, something they need. If you make your video a habit for your audience, it will become a positive addiction.

So how do you do that?

Think about what messages you seek out every day. Whether it be your favorite online news source or favorite blog, you keep coming back for a reason. Is the content funny, informative, or offers a unique perspective?

By following the five steps below, you can be the source your audience seeks out as soon as they press play.

1.    Give results in advance

It may seem counterintuitive, why would you want to give away your best stuff at the very beginning if you want your audience to need you until the very end? By giving away your best ideas up front, your audience is able to apply them early and see the impact they make. By allowing your audience to see results early on, you’re ensuring that they’ll come back to get more.

2.    Think strategically about your communication

Every communication should have one most desired result. Piling multiple objectives into the same message will confuse audiences and deter them from watching future videos.

3.    Learn to create captivating titles

Think about the last time you were in line at the grocery store, or on your favorite news site. What grabbed your attention? Was it “A List of Common Unhealthy Foods,” or “The 5 Foods in your Cupboard that Could Kill You?” Headlines need to grab attention, make sure your video title is representative of your content and enticing.

4.    Credibility

Live video is one of the quickest ways to establish credibility and trust. Your audience will find you much more credible if they see you presenting your message confidently and professionally, rather than listening to you on a podcast or reading a blog.

If you have past successes, highlight them in your video! Nothing makes an audience feel more secure than a proven track record. If you don’t have past success, get some. This likely isn’t the first time you’ve shared your message, use case studies to illustrate how your wisdom has helped others.

5.    Emotions and Storytelling

The best way to influence someone, is to draw them into your message emotionally. One of the most effective ways to do this, is storytelling. A story that allows your audience to picture themselves achieving the success and well-being that you illustrate, will help lower their resistance to being influenced.

A good story can be your secret weapon to successfully calling your audience to action.

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Photo Source: courtesy of © Depositphotos/stuartmiles

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