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Marketing and public relations is an effective way to build your business and enhance your brand; especially when you use video. One of the most common methods to getting business messages across is by putting your brand, product or service in front of millions of potential YouTube viewers.

An article on Forbes states that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Shouldn’t you and your business be found there?

Online video marketing has become a major focus for many successful businesses. According to comScore, a company that measures online use and engagement, more than 100 million Internet users watch online videos each day.

While not all of these are business-related videos, a large majority of them are; with 90 percent of online shoppers saying they find retailer’s websites with product videos helpful in their buying decisions.

And it’s not just consumers watching online videos… 75 percent of North American executives admit they watch business videos at least once a week: 50 percent of them watch business videos on YouTube after which, 65 percent visit the company’s website.

While no perfect formula exists for creating a successful business video (what works for one company may not work for another and there are different types of videos as well), there are some commonly shared elements among them that are known to produce successful videos.

Many effective videos produced by entrepreneurs have these key traits in common:

1. Keep it short and sweet, as they say.

Videos that are short and to the point are more likely to be watched – and more importantly – remembered. When just starting out producing videos, keep them under three minutes in length.

2. Get to the point. 

Within the first few seconds, briefly explain what the video is about and why the viewer must watch it (why it will enhance their life or business). Remember to mention information the viewer will find useful, engaging and informative.

3. Target your video. 

You want to target your video to a specific audience, objective or goal and then make sure it’s relevant by directly tying your information in with what your audience wants, needs or is looking for.

4. Professional style.

Your video should be professional-looking in that it is clear, well lit, in focus and of good quality sound. Remember to incorporate your company’s contact information by way of statements, captions or embedded links.

5. Titles! Titles! Titles!

Descriptive and to the point video titles are imperative. Select your worded descriptions carefully. A potential viewer should be able to read the title and immediately have a good idea of what the video is about.

Effective video marketing needs to be engaging right from the start. Businesses that incorporate video marketing into their overall strategy experience higher click-through rates, engagement rates and conversion rates.

By focusing on originality, being creative and using these tips, you can increase your leads and sales and potential profits by as much as 403 percent.

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Photo Source: courtesy of © Depositphotos/Моlodec

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