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If you have a Google Plus account then you will have access to Hangouts On Air. It’s a special application that is totally free to use and will give you the ability to start video chat sessions with other people. You can chat with as many people as you want and it’s especially easy to allow people to interact with you.

Hosting a Hangout can help you improve your business when it comes to search engine results. Remember that Hangouts is a Google innovation and your Hangouts will be viewed kindly by Google.  All this makes Google Hangouts On Air a ‘Must Have Tool’ for your business.

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Google Hangouts On Air will reduce your need to travel for conferencing. In addition, with nearly 80% of all communication focusing on non-verbal cues, using a video conferencing system like Google Hangouts on Air will reduce communication misunderstandings.

You might be impressed at how you can use Google Hangouts On Air. These six applications are just a snippet of what you can get from this powerful tool:

1. Showcase Products/Services

Do you have a product or service that you want to display to people? Google Hangouts On Air will let you show off what you’ve got through a full-video presentation. You can also review product/services as you see fit.

Time Saver: These presentations can be made available to all of your prospects, 24/7. You can be demonstrating the benefits of your product or service even while you sleep.

2. Train New Hires

Are you an employer who is trying to get people to learn about their new jobs? You can use Google Hangouts On Air to train employees by interacting with them during live demonstrations on what they are supposed to do in their positions.

Time Saver: These demonstrations are automatically recorded and saved to your YouTube Channel for reviewing or sharing with others. Your employees will have access to it over and over, even when new people fill the same position.

3. Interact With Customers

You can also use Hangouts On Air to interact with customers in real time. You can use face-to-face communications to resolve queries and issues that customers may have or create a video version of your FAQ page.

Time Saver: Instead of going back and forth with multiple emails and telephone tag. Get to the heart of your customer’s issue with the advantage of watching their body language to see if you are communicating clearly.

4. Work With Team Members

Sometimes a major task at work will require you to interact with others who aren’t physically where you are. Hangouts On Air will let you chat with team members and share information with one another in real time.

Time Saver: Cancel those plane tickets, save the travel time and budget and get the project back on track right at your desk.

5. Run ‘How To’ Shows

Google Hangouts On Air is often used to give people ideas on how different products or programs you have can work for them. You can use this in real time to show people how something you have may be used. You can make it fun and entertaining and invite different guests. Why not turn this into a weekly or monthly event?

Time Saver: Invite a large audience to your online show instead of traveling to small live events. This will save time for both you and your prospects.

Google Hangouts On Air can work wonders for your presentation purposes. Be sure to use this if you want to make it easier for your business to really get an advantage when taking care of different types of interactions online.

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